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How To Make Your First Million Investing In Real Estate

In this exciting new book, you'll learn how to invest in real estate, and how to make money fast. You'll learn how to purchase real estate, with little or no cash. This new book is written for people with little, or no experience in purchasing real estate. It includes a handy index, and a glossary of terms for reference. It has 11 chapters and 246 pages, filled with everything you need to know.
Learn investing skills that can make real estate investment fun, and profitable.
Master "Equity Sharing", and eliminate Rental headaches, and Negative Cash Flows.
There are many books about real estate, but this one has it all. It even has a "First Time Home Buyers Guide."


Learn finacing, and how to acquire real estate with, little or no money down. It shows you how to write purchase contracts, make counter offers, and guides you step by step.
Real Estate investing can be fun , and profitable!
Order today!

The best advertising is word of mouth.

I bought your book, "How To Make Your First Million Ivesting In Real Estate," and bought our first home. The information it provided, helped us make the right decisions. The closing went great, and we are very happy!

Ginger Wilson

"John Wilson" sure knows real estate. With his book, I was able to purchase an apartment complex and still have a positive cash flow! I did'nt think it was possible, but standing my ground on the price sure paid off!
Thanks again!
Richard Brown
Little Rock, AR


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What if you owned 5 properties, and they appreciated 5% a year for the next 6 years. Would you be better off? Would you increase your net worth? Do you know that you can borrow money from your life insurance policy? It's all in this new book, and a lot more!


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