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Pink Flamingo Publishing

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"Lucky and the Trilas of Life"

Written and Illustrated by
David J. Wilson

About the author

David served in the Armed Forces. where he received an
Achievement Medal. His creativity and vivid imagination is
directed towards learning, and is entertaining to readers
of all ages.

This coloring book is dedicated to all the children in the world.

The next Generation of Books and
Merchandise for the New Millennium

An exciting children's book, about "Lucky" the leprechaun.
In this book for children, Lucky travels through "The Land
of Many Perils," and finds the "Magic Key." Kids will love
reading along, as Lucky unlocks "Sterling Cave," and makes
his wish.
In this children's storybook, Lucky encounters many obsticles, including: "Centaur," "The Jesting Skeleton Man,"
"Blackbeard," "The Little Girl," and many other wonderful
This children's literature is fully illustrated, with 24
beautiful pictures, children can color themselves. A very
interactive book for kids, this story of love, and faith
will inspire children for many years.

Copyright 2000
All rights reserved
ISBN 0-9704761-0-8
$5.95 U.S $9.95 Can

By a special marketing agreement, this great new book
is only available from Pink Flamingo Publishing.